Dear Boss

Story Summary:
Dear Boss is a multi-episode romantic suspense set in the fictional town of West Haven, Michigan, on the shores of the lake. It’s a small place and usually very quiet - but lately, someone has begun to murder local teenagers. And they seem to be imitating the infamous Jack the Ripper killings. They’re even sending out taunting letters addressed to ‘Dear Boss.’

Tanner Broden is the relatively new police chief receiving these letters. He has his hands full trying to keep the peace in a town that’s becoming increasingly anxious as the killer continues to remain unidentified. But at least he has help - a new transfer and old friend, Nemika Worthington, who’s come to town specifically to help investigate the case.

But things are more complicated between the two officers than they appear. Unexpected circumstances force both of them to face their demons, and they’re going to need each other’s help to make it out in one piece.

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