Our group works to revive a dying art by bringing quality audio drama to the general listening public. We do this by investing our own time and money to create that content. While this approach has worked well in the past, it’s becoming more and more difficult to make the investments needed to keep everything running. So we’re asking for patrons to help us out.

Support would be greatly appreciated. All donations will go towards website and hosting fees and equipment upgrades and replacement. If we get enough patrons, we’ll be able to start paying our voice actors and writers (yes, even their work has been on a volunteer basis, and they’ve been great sports about it). We would also like to add some video works to our montage, but an equipment upgrade is needed for that.

If you choose to become our patron, we thank you! Our creative endeavors will be easier to accomplish thanks to your support!

~FGTP Staff & Crew~

If you would like to donate and support FGTP's current and future projects,
just follow this link. Donations are per month and any amount would be
more help than you can imagine. Thanks!

HUGE thanks to our current Patrons:
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